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RQS is working to bring more students into the quantum workforce by diversifying the pipeline from an early age, supporting intensive, student-led inquiry into quantum science, and providing novel avenues for collaboration and learning. In addition to the educational mission of our Institute, we also directly facilitate career development for students entering the quantum workforce through a variety of programs:


Quantum Leap Career Nexus

The Quantum Leap Career Nexus (QLCN) is a premier, global networking, recruitment, and mentorship event. We bring quantum organizations together to meet with undergraduate and graduate students, postdocs, and early career professionals. We will offer virtual workshops for career and skill development for our community, leading up to the main career event on September 12, 2024 at the University of Maryland. Find out more here.


RQS Career Connections

RQS offers monthly professional development and networking events for students and postdocs in quantum. This program is presented by the RQS Student-Postdoc Council. Information about each event will be posted monthly on our Events page.


Job Postings

University of Maryland

Duke University

Princeton University

North Carolina State University

Yale University