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An RQS graduate student asking a question at the 2023 RQS Summer School

Summer School

The RQS Summer School is an annual event featuring lectures and collaborative workshops structured to provide PhD students and postdocs working in a quantum field with a strong overview of quantum simulation. The academic and social program of the Summer School is designed by the RQS Student-Postdoc Council. 


RQS Seminar

We host a monthly seminar highlighting new research in quantum simulation, featuring invited speakers from academia and industry. The RQS seminar is offered in a hybrid format to allow for participation from the broader research community. 


Postdoctoral Fellowship

The RQS Postdoctoral Fellowship encourages postdocs to work across multiple RQS research groups and universities, and features a unique dual-mentorship program to develop researchers' disciplinary and professional skills in tandem. 


Dual Mentorship

RQS postdoctoral researchers are actively engaged in all aspects of our collaboration to further their professional development and prepare them for successful independent careers. To that end, RQS postdocs are offered two mentors, one for their research and another to provide advice on developing their skill sets and nurturing their careers. Regular meetings with assigned mentors are supplemented with other professional support in grant-writing, mentoring graduate and undergraduate students, and participation in research seminars. 


Career Connections

RQS offers monthly professional development and networking events for students and postdocs in quantum. These events expose graduate students and postdocs to diverse careers in quantum, encourage networking and new connections, and provide a safe space to ask representatives from industry, government, and academia questions about the technical and personal aspects of their jobs. This program is presented by the RQS Student-Postdoc Council. Information about each event will be posted monthly on our Events page. 


Journal Club

The RQS Journal Club is a monthly virtual event where RQS graduate students and postdocs share the research focus of their lab with the wider community while learning more about cutting edge research in the field. This program is presented by the RQS Student-Postdoc Council. Information about each meeting will be posted monthly on our Events page. 


Duke Quantum Software/Hardware Master's

RQS provides support for the Quantum Software and Quantum Hardware Master's programs at Duke, led by RQS co-PI Kenneth Brown


Student/Postdoc Council

The RQS Student Postdoc Council consists of graduate students and postdocs from all five RQS universities. The council gives graduate students and postdocs at large the opportunity to direct the institute’s graduate programing, developing new events and providing continuous guidance to RQS leadership about the needs of the student/postdoc community. Programs led by the student/postdoc council include: 

  • The RQS Summer School in Quantum Simulation
  • Career Connections
  • Journal Club
  • Social Events


2024 Student-Postdoc Council Members

Jacob Lin, Postdoc, UMD
Daniel Weiss, Postdoc, Yale
Mingyu Kang, Student, Duke
Hrushikesh Pramod Patil, Student, NCSU
Greeshma Shivali Oruganti, Student, UMD
Jeronimo Martinez, Student, Princeton
Ian Spielman, Faculty Advisor, UMD
Kuljeet Kaur, Staff, UMD
Emily Mercurio, Staff UMD

If you are an RQS graduate student or postdoc interested in joining the council, please email

2024 Student-Postdoc Council

  • Profile photo of Cheng-Ju (Jacob) Lin

    Cheng-Ju (Jacob) Lin

    RQS Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Daniel Weiss image

    Daniel Weiss

  • Mingyu Kang

  • Hrushikesh Patil

  • Greeshma Oruganti

  • Jeronimo Martinez

  • Profile photo of Ian Spielman

    Ian Spielman

  • Kuljeet Kaur

    Director of Operations

  • Emily Mercurio portrait

    Emily Mercurio

    Education and Outreach Coordinator