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About the Institute for Robust Quantum Simulation

Simulation : Using the behavior of one system to model, and thereby understand, features of another system.

Combining expertise in computer science, engineering, and physics, the NSF Quantum Leap Challenge Institute for Robust Quantum Simulation addresses the grand challenge of robustly simulating classically intractable quantum systems.

We meet this challenge by exploring the theoretical foundations of quantum algorithms and quantum error correction in conjunction with experimental quantum simulators on four of the leading hardware platforms: trapped ions, arrays of Rydberg atoms, quantum photonics with solid-state defects, and superconducting circuits.

The bulk of our work falls into three categories:

In addition to our fundamental research, we engage the broader research community by hosting summer schools and a flagship conference on quantum simulation, and we create outreach and education programs that help diverse groups of students engage with quantum science.

For more information, read the announcement from the University of Maryland.


For general inquiries, please email