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A visiting undergraduate on a lab tour viewing equipment in the laboratory of RQI co-lead Alicia Kollar

University of Maryland Minor and Labs

Through cooperative efforts in curriculum design and coordination, RQS, the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, the department of Physics, the department of Computer Science, and other campus partners at the University of Maryland will launch an undergraduate minor in Quantum Science and Engineering in 2024. The minor enrolls students from multiple majors and focuses on developing the mathematical, computational, and engineering skills required to enter the quantum workforce at the technician level and beyond.

As part of the minor, students are required to enroll in either the quantum hardware or software undergraduate teaching labs, developed and funded by RQS.


Oxford-style Mentoring at Morgan State University 

RQS faculty have undertaken an intensive, multi-year mentoring program with undergraduate students from Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland. Mentees benefit from student-led inquiry into topics in quantum physics, connections to mentors’ professional and academic networks, professional development, and the development of lifelong relationships with their mentors.